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Welcome to Susquehanna Life Magazine’s Official Blog!

Twenty years ago we embarked on a journey to use the Susquehanna River as a focus for a high-quality regional lifestyle magazine that could capture all the positive aspects of life in the middle slice of the state of Pennsylvania, and educate readers about why life here is so uniquely enjoyable and worthy of appreciation.

Back then, the river was viewed more as a detriment, for the flood damage it caused, than something that could enhance anyone’s quality of life. Yet if you look at any area connected to a water feature, it is that lake, ocean or river, inevitably, that makes the town or region worthy of note–usually for the intrinsic beauty and outdoor recreation it provides. Such was the potential opportunity for the Susquehanna River, if only it could be accessed, if only it could be cleaned up, and if only it could be repositioned as an asset.

We’ve come a long way.

So many factors and entities have contributed to the goal to position the Susquehanna River as a resource. To name just a few: the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership (and its Greenway Project), the Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Bureau, the Susquehanna River Trails created by the PA Fish and Boat Commission, The Susquehanna River Trail Association and, yes, Susquehanna Life magazine.

Through professionally written articles, award-winning color photography and artistically designed pages, Susquehanna Life magazine was at the forefront of a movement to cast a wide web to unite a region that wasn’t accustomed to thinking of itself as connected. The goal? Bring to the forefront unique ways to enjoy our life in, on and around the river. Each issue features event listings and articles about places to go, communities to explore, goods, services and experiences available from regional businesses,  places to dine, start-up businesses, and more. The best, and most frequent, compliments we receive go something like this: “I’ve lived here all my life and I never knew ____ until I read about it in Susquehanna Life magazine.”

Susquehanna Life magazine has established a loyal readership that looks forward to each issue, reads each issue from cover to cover, including the advertisements, and keeps and refers back to each issue for things to do with family and friends, and an advertising base who understand that the life we enjoy here is unique. Look around you: the natural beauty, cultural and historical opportunities, and outdoor recreation are of a caliber sought by people on vacation–yet we enjoy it every day!

As a quarterly magazine, though, Susquehanna Life magazine allows us to communicate with that base of people–and others who enjoy and appreciate this life–infrequently. Hence, this blog.

We want to take the conversations started by each issue of the magazine and enhance them with more regular communication. I hope you will decide to be part of this dialogue. And write in with your own thoughts, opinions, ideas. We welcome your input, and look forward to the relationships that develop.


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